Harapi Adventures


Harapi Adventures by Tang Gang

"Harapi Adventures" is an enchanting NFT collection on the PulseChain blockchain, crafted to support the Orangutan Project. At its heart is Harapi, an orangutan adopted by Ted Defi, symbolizing the convergence of digital art and wildlife conservation. This unique charity mint, created by the #TangGang community, captures Harapi's adventures in vivid digital tokens, appealing to NFT enthusiasts and orangutan lovers alike. Each piece in this collection not only represents a journey of exploration and hope but also stands as a testament to the need for wildlife protection, merging the thrill of collecting with the joy of contributing to a noble cause.

About the Tang Gang

Discover the innovative minds behind the #TangGang community, creators of the Harapi Adventures NFT collection, blending digital art with a mission.

Supporting The Orangutan Project

Each NFT piece stands as a testament to wildlife protection. Dive into the story of Harapi and our collaboration with The Orangutan Project.

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Contributing Artists

Artist 1

Ted Defi

Creator of Fairy Blossoms, Tang Gang OG Member, Harapi's Dad.

Artist 2


VR and AI Artist

Artist 3


Digital artist that experiments with new developing AI technology as well as various art forms

Artist 4

The Art of Pleb

Creative team | Hand drawn CartoonArt | Digital Art | NFTs

Artist 5

Marc Powers

Creator & Collector

Artist 6


Digital artist and collector, creating intricately crafted digital works that inspire visual joy and bliss.

Artist 7


Embracing AI collaboration, I create innovative NFT art with DALL-E, fusing technology and creativity to redefine digital expression.

Artist 8

Sir Stake-a-Lot

Just your average degen buying highs and selling lows since 2021

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