Where memecoins meet zest and hilarity!,the memecoin that's turning the crypto world orange!,is here to meme and squeeze the day!,The fruitiest memecoin in town!,the memecoin that's making crypto peel with laughter!,is your ticket to the juiciest memecoin ride around!,is the memecoin that's as sweet as an orange and just as full of surprises!,is the memecoin that's so hilarious it's like a comedy show in an orchard!,The memecoin that's juicier than a ripe orange on a hot summer day!

HEX Orange Address: Where Juicy Memes Meet Innovation

We're all about making you laugh. And if you end up making some dough along the way, congrats to you! But at our core, it's all about spreading those meme-filled vibes.

Trustless Peel to Peel Cash

$HOA means value flows person-to-person with trustless peel-to-peel ease. No intermediaries, just direct exchanges like citrus peels.

0% APY: Fee-Free Zest

At HOA, our APY is as absent as a lemon at a citrus party – it's 0%! No fees, just juicy rewards.

99% Citrus Surge

From launch, we stoked growth by dedicating 99% to liquidity and torching LP tokens. The zestful path to success is clear with a vibrant citrus ecosystem.

Token Supply 151,811,475

No Taxes, No Bullshit. It’s that simple. Platform fees earned goes towards a Buy and Burn of HOA.

How To Buy

HOA is available thru multiple DEX's and Aggregators on PulseChain

$HOA Contract Address

Orange Paper: Abstract

A purely peel-to-peel version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a juicer. Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to prevent double-juicing. We propose a solution to the double-juicing problem using a peel-to-peel network.

The network timestamps transactions by pulping them into an ongoing chain of pulp-based proof-of-juice, forming a record that cannot be changed without redoing the proof-of-juice. The longest chain not only serves as proof of the sequence of juice witnessed, but proof that it came from the largest grove of juicing power.

As long as a majority of juicing power is controlled by rinds that are not cooperating to attack the network, they'll generate the longest chain and outpace attackers. The network itself requires minimal structure. Messages are broadcast on a best effort basis, and rinds can leave and rejoin the network at will, accepting the longest proof-of-juice chain as proof of what happened while they were gone.

HOA : A Peel-to-Peel Electronic Cash System

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